primate behavior

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it is kind of simple work. i need this within 9 hours. minimum 250 words.

after reviewing the powerpoint presentation on primate behavior, watch the following two recent documentaries.

1) the last orangutan eden:

2) snow monkeys:

take notes as you watch and then write a thoughtful response (approximately 250 words). you may focus on anything in the documentaries you find significant: physical traits such as grasping hands or locomotion; behavior traits (such as dominance, sharing, the mother-infant bond) or conservation. you might also choose to comment on the differences between the two species (one is an ape, one is a monkey; one is found in indonesia, one in japan, etc.). or you might comment on the difference between field studies and experimental studies such as the ones discussed in ape genius.

within the order primates, what are snow monkeys? what are orangutans? (i.e. suborder, family, genus, species)

what questions or insights about our species did these films raise for you?

your response should mention something specific from the powerpoint (a concept, name, observation...)
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