primate taxonomy

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this unit will be placing our species, homo sapiens, in a broader taxonomic context, with a focus on the taxonomic order to which we belong: primates. approximately 394 living species of primates have been identified and named. in this forum, each student will introduce a species to the class. you should complete this exercise after reviewing the powerpoint presentation on taxonomy.

1) look at the primate order table posted by palomar college department of anthropology:

2) choose one family to explore and then within the family, choose one species to explore (look up the family in wikipedia if needed). provide us with the suborder and family of the species.

a) what is the common name of the species? (sometimes the common name and scientific names are the same).

b) go to and search for the species by its common name (note, some common names include more than one species, so just choose one).

c) indicate the species following the correct convention (e.g. gorilla gorilla)

d) what subfamily, family and superfamily does it belong to (look at the primate order table)?

e) where does it live (arkive should provide this information)? be as specific as possible.

f) what does iucn stand for? what is your primate’s iucn red book status?

g) in arkive, youtube, or somewhere else, locate and watch a video of your primate and make a few observations about it (size, unusual traits). provide us with the link.

h) say one or two interesting additional facts about the species you have selected.

i) as always, cite your sources
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