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complete exercises 10.9 (parts a, b and c only), 10.11 (parts a and b only), 10.21 (parts a and b only), 10.23, and 10.49.
you will need:
1) for 10.9, refer to the "phone" file.
2) for 10.11, refer to the "digital cameras" file.
3) for 10.21, refer to the "measurement" file.
4) for 10.23, refer to the "whole foods 1" file.
5) for 10.49, refer to the "training" file.
the exercises above require the use of the "t-test' functions within the data analysis menu in excel. refer to appendix e10 for instructions on using excel for these exercises.
complete exercise 10.45. complete this problem manually in excel. assume the following: h0: σ12 = σ22 and h1: σ12 ≠ σ22.
for problems requiring computations, please ensure that your excel file includes the associated cell computations and/or statistics output; this information is needed in order to receive full credit on these problems. submit output in one excel file.
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