process identification

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create a fishbone diagram to identify, analyze, and graphically depict all potential causes related to the problem in your process in order to uncover the true root causes of the problem.
create a graphical flowchart that details all of the steps in the process over time. pay attention to what this flowchart tells you about the following:
previously unidentified, yet important, steps.
products or services that should undergo quality checks but do not.
times when critical information is not being shared among all involved people and functions.
update your problem statement to reflect additional information you gather that impacts your original assumptions.
based on your refined problem statement, briefly describe the scope of your process improvement objective. focus on only one of the contributing causes of the problem in order to keep your project doable given the short time frame of the course.
sketch out a rough "before and after" flowchart diagram that visually illustrates what your process looked like before your improvement and what it might look like after your recommendations are incorporated.
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