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we would like to create an infomercial about our dog treat product and how it will benefit dogs. the story line would consist of an owner and his or her pet looking for a healthy treat solution, they search the internet and find us (big and little's dog treats) the owner reviews the health benefits of the organic ingriedients and places a purchase. the treats arrive and are fed to the pet where you can see how the treat is helping the dog. in the end the dog and the owner are shown let's say in a park having a good time. the project should revolve around the tag phrase "a healthy dog is a happy dog" this infomercial would go on our home page to give people a better idea or better yet inform them about our product and the benefits.
the second part of the project would involve an interactive picture of a dog that when people scroll over the picture the holistic herbs that we use in our product become visible and inform the consumer of the benefits. the project in question can be two parts or married together if possible.
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