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for research, you decided to randomly select 150 human resource managers from fortune 500 companies in kentucky, illinois, and indiana. on april 15, you e-mailed the attached survey. by may 15, you had received 100 completed surveys. you then decided to e-mail a follow-up survey and received 10 additional completed surveys. of the surveys collected, 90 were usable and included in the study.
to prepare for writing the report, you will first conduct an electronic search using appropriate database to find four peer-reviewed journal articles that add to your knowledge base regarding the topic and “frame the problem” that was researched in this study. the articles should be discussed in the introduction and analysis of your report. also include in the introduction, the authorization information, purpose of the study, research questions, and method of collecting data. a copy of the invitation e-mail you wrote the human resource managers participating in the study and a copy of your survey will be included in the appendix.
the second section of the report, analysis of data, will contain your thoughtful analysis of the data provided below. as you analyze this primary data, you should consider how you can use objective reporting to discuss the data. you will want to make the reader understand the data through logically combining similar categories or responses when appropriate. you will tabulate, chart, and/or enumerate data when it will simplify the reading or add emphasis. the goal is to discuss the primary data appropriate, effectively, and thoroughly without providing editorial comments. what did you learn from the data? support your analysis with objective facts from peer-reviewed journal articles.
the third section of the report, conclusions, will begin with a lead-in sentence assuring the reader that the conclusions are based on the data described in the previous section. each conclusion should be stated carefully and clearly and be a logical outgrowth of the findings. conclusions should answer the research questions. they are the “so what” derived from the findings. number each conclusion.
the final section of the report body, recommendations, should begin with a lead-in sentence telling the reader who the recommendations are for and that the recommendations are based on the conclusions. recommendations must grow naturally from the conclusions and must be carefully thought out specific actions that you want the audience to take. recommendations are the “now what” telling the audience what you want them to do. each recommendation should be numbered.
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