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unit ii mini project task task due 5 p.m. 8/26/2014
project proposal
using the project you chose from unit i, complete the following task. use the project scenario you created from unit i in order to organize your project.
use an internet search engine to search for a project charter template. using this template as a model, use microsoft word to define the following for your project: the objective, constraints, resources, the budget, and the schedule. in addition, discuss the matrix style you would prefer to use for your project and why this choice is the best. also include the communication methods you will use to communicate to the various resources involved in this project. use word to create your scope statement. your task should be two to three pages (not including your project cover page).
please cite sources and references.
larson, e. w., & gray, c. f. (2011). project management: the managerial process (5th ed.). new
york, ny: mcgraw-hill/irwin.
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