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southwestern university

southwestern university (swu), a large college in texas, enrolls close to 20,000 students. a longtime football powerhouse, swu is usually in the top 20 in college football rankings. to bolster its chances of reaching the elusive and long desired number one ranking, swu hired the legendary bo pitterno as its head coach.

one of pitterno’s demands on joining swu had been a new stadium. with attendance increasing, swu administrators began to face the issue head-on. after 6 month of study, much political arm wrestling, and some serious financial analysis, dr. joel wisner, president of swu had reached a decision to expand the capacity at its on-campus stadium.

the job now was to get the construction going immediately after the season ended. this would allow exactly 270 days until the new season opening game. the manager of hill construction, the contractor, signed the contract and guaranteed that the team would be able to take the field on schedule. the contract had a penalty of $10,000 per day for running late.

back in his office, the manager of hill constuction reviewed the data again and noted that optimistic time estimates can be used as crash times. then he gathered his foremen. “folks, if we’re not sure we’ll finish this stadium in less than 270 days, i want this project crashed! give me the cost figures for a target date of 250 days; also for 240 days. i want to be early, not just in time!”

activity description predecessor time estimates (days) costs
optimistic normal normal crash
a bonding, insurance, tax structuring - 20 30 40,000 55,000
b foundation, concrete footings for boxes a 20 65 400,000 500,000
c upgrading skybox stadium seating a 50 60 300,000 340,000
d upgrading walkways, stairwells, elevators c 30 50 200,000 240,000
e interior wiring, lathes b 25 30 65,000 80,000
f inspection approvals e 0.1 0.1 1000 1000
g plumbing d,e 25 30 23,000 26,000
h painting g 10 20 20,000 25,000
i hardware/ac/metal workings h 20 25 380,000 400,000
j tile/carpeting/windows h 8 10 300,000 320,000
k inspection j 0.1 0.1 1000 1000
l final detail work/cleanup i,k 20 25 25,000 30,000

discussion questions:

1. develop a network drawing for hill construction and determine the critical path. how long is the project expected to take?
2. which activities have a slack time of 8 weeks or more?
3. if it is necessary to crash to 250 or 240 days how would hill do so, and at what costs?
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