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unit iii mini project
now you need to schedule the project you chose in unit i. reread the scenarios from units i and ii. based on the previous project information you created, the project priorities you set, and your budget, you will now need to break down your project into activities. using an internet search engine, locate a project scheduling template or use the microsoft project trial software included with your textbook. build a wbs and project schedule using the templates or microsoft project. you will need to identify all dependencies and estimate your costs. assign contingency reserves, and determine how much reserve your team would estimate for the whole project. justify and explain your choices and estimates. you may want to review the wbs section located on pages 108-116 in chapter 4 of your textbook. save your task as a pdf file.
unit l & unit ll is provided so you can make a schedule for unit lll. please use the information from the enclosed file.
please cite your source!
you can use the template that is provided or please follow instructions.
lasher, w. r. (2011). practical financial management (6th ed.). mason, oh: south-western.
due 5 pm 9/2/2014 us eastern time zone
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