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you are the project manager on a project very similar to one you had a year ago. the team worked well together, and the project was successful. should you attempt to obtain the same administrative and technical staff you had before? what would be the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy?

you are an experienced project manager, but the company you just began working for has a policy that employees wishing to be project managers must first spend 18 months working on the functional employee side of the house to get to know the people and policies. do you think this is a good idea? what positive and negative affects might occur?

a project manager in a matrix organization does not have direct control over salaries, bonuses, or work tasks. does this mean he/she is totally deficient in reward power?

as a project nears termination, the project manager may find that the functional workers are more interested in finding a new job somewhere in the company than they are in giving their best effort to the current situation. what should a project manager do to handle this situation?
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