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final recommendations
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throughout the course, you will be working on the deliverables for st. dismas assisted living facility beginning week 3. you will be answering the questions at the end of the chapters and analyzing the information; bringing in relevant and current research in the field of project management. each element will include references in apa format. at the conclusion of chapter 8, you will provide final recommendations in addition to the questions at the end of the case. think of the recommendations as if you were presenting to the board of directors or president of a company. the recommendations will be in the form of an executive summary (project overview and analysis of findings) and include the following elements:
1. mission, goals/objectives. should include underlying problem or opportunity
description as well as measurable outcomes.

2. general strategy. demonstrates multiple strategies for action and the rationale for selecting the strategy to meet the mission/goals/objectives.

3. work breakdown structure (mind map and outline). this will define the scope of
your project, so you should highlight a few of your underlying assumptions about
boundaries and other salient issues in a background statement that accompanies your

4. responsibility matrix
include some sort of explanation of the responsibilities of individuals including the project manager.

5. stakeholder analysis. who are your stakeholders? issues of concern? how will you ensure support for the project? what do you perceive will be the initial reactions and attitude? support your rationale.

6. communication plan. how do you plan to communicate with the stakeholders? project team?

7. time estimates. explain how you derived your estimates, and any assumptions you have made about time/cost, tradeoffs, learning curves, statistical uncertainties, etc.

8. budget link with time estimates, staffing, equipment, overhead, etc, revealing your
assumptions and how you derived the numbers.

9. gantt chart
define several phases in the plan. explain phase 1 and subsequent phases. this will be delivered during the course and the summary will be provided in the recommendations. be sure to include resource level projections. explain any modifications.

10. risk/uncertainty assessment and contingency plans. what might go wrong and
how have you prepared for this? what potential opportunities might you try to
use to your advantage?

11. change management plan. when changes are proposed after the project is
underway, what process will you use to assess the validity of the proposal, its cost,
and the effect it will have on other aspects of the project? who will be involved in
these decisions? who will be the final decision maker?

12. project closure and handoff plan. how will you plan, execute, and manage this aspect of the project? what will you do to evaluate lessons learned?
13. apa format. be sure to cite in text and provide a detailed reference page with scholarly research from the online library or credible project management websites.
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