project milestone: information security roles and responsibilities

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final project milestone two: information security roles and responsibilities
you will submit your roles and responsibilities portion of the final project. who are the key leaders of the organization specific to how their responsibilities are connected to the security of the organization’s information? you must also identify key ethical considerations. what are the ramifications of key leaders not properly accounting for ethical and legal considerations? what are the key components of information assurance as they relate to individual roles and responsibilities within the information assurance plan? for example, examine the current policies as they relate to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. for additional details, please refer to the final project document and the milestone two guidelines and rubric document in the task guidelines and rubrics section of the course.

the project should be turn it in free and should follow all the citations. it should follow all the rubrics. it is second milestone it should be written with reference to milestone one.
i am sending my milestone one word document i already submitted, final project rubrics document, milestone two rubrics document.
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