project plan for bike tour

Project Description:

project facilities and resources
<identify the project's requirements for facilities and resources.>
<identify the individuals or groups who will be responsible for procuring or developing these items.>
<briefly describe what plans have been made for ensuring adequate resources.>
risk management
<reference the risk management plan document here, or describe any risks associated with the project and the actions which can be taken during the project to minimize the risks.>
quality control activities
<list all reviews and tests that will be carried out during the project including ownership, approximate schedule and effort required.>
<list all joint customer/client reviews. include meetings to review acceptance test results and conformance to agreed upon requirements.>
project effort estimate
<reference a separate document or include here the project effort estimate and any supporting information/calculations.>
project schedule
<reference a separate document or include here a gantt chart of activities, tasks, resources and assigned responsibilities allocated to them.>
project cost estimate
labor cost
<reference a separate document or include here the labor cost and any supporting information/calculations.>
non-labor costs
<reference a separate document or include here the non-labor costs and any supporting information/calculations.>
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