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i have to complete the implementation requirement project schedule:
using microsoft project 2010 or openproj 1.2 create a project schedule document that includes all of these scheduling elements (sequenced deliverables, defined activities, duration for defined activities, and sequenced activities with established dependencies) for the implementation and operational requirements phases of a health information system pharmacy order management module project implementation
using the project schedule document selected by the team, you will continue the planning process for your assigned deliverable by working on your own in either microsoft project 2010 or openproj 1.4 to estimate the resources—such as materials, people, equipment, or supplies—r equired to perform that deliverable's project activities (which were previously defined and sequenced in the specific project schedule document that was created for part iv of the implementing a health information technology project task and then chosen by the team for use in completing part v of the task). as part of this process, you will individually update a copy of the chosen project schedule document by first creating and allocating hypothetical resources for the project, then estimating activity durations for each of these hypothetical resources, and finally reviewing (and, as needed, revising) your estimations for the hypothetical resources and their respective activity durations to ensure that the schedule that has been generated for them is a realistic and workable one for the project.

will you be able to complete by tomorrow 10/2/14 at 2 pm eastern time zone at the most basic level? if so please send me a price quote
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