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project ‘transformer’

according to tonkovich et al, conventional gas to liquids technologies are not economically viable below around 10,000 bpd and so are used primarily on large on-shore gas fields. however, only about 6% of the world’s gas fields are large enough to sustain such a unit. tonkovich argues that reducing the production rate to 2000 bpd would make 40% of the gas fields economically viable. there are a number of companies offering technologies which might be viable at such production rates including, but not limited to, compact gtl, oxford catalysis and gas2.

put together a proposal for a project to demonstrate the viability of small scale gas to liquids (gtl) technology for the recovery of small quantities of associated or stranded gas from a remote location within siberia.

your documentation needs to give senior management a full understanding of the project, such that they are able to take extracts forward to the board and field questions. it is therefore important to clearly communicate what has been done & why, justify the methodology used and recommend a way forward. your submission should not exceed 30 pages in total (including appendices, excluding references).

this project provides the opportunity to apply project management tools and techniques from the course to an industry-specific project topic. students are encouraged to focus on clearly communicating their knowledge & understanding of the project drivers.

to appropriately appraise this concept, it is essential that the project viability be assessed and that relevant risks be identified/evaluated and addressed. particular emphasis should therefore be placed on the critical evaluation and management of project-specific risks and opportunities, and clear communication of how they have shaped the project.

you are expected to use the risk assessment as a framework for developing your proposal, the elements of which should be derived from and clearly justified in terms of the detailed risk assessment.

credit will be given for original thought, critical evaluation, and clear reasoning.
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length & structure
you should submit a business proposal which should be no longer than 30 sides (12pt font, times new roman), including appendices but excluding references. you are free to determine the precise format and content of their proposal but the business have requested that it contain at least the following elements
• design basis including overall material balances and energy requirements
• commercial assessment (based on approximate, but realistic and well justified, estimates of capital/ fixed/variable costs and expected revenue streams)
• discussion of technology selection with suitable justification
• comprehensive risk assessment (appropriate to the degree to which the proposal has been developed) and risk management plan.

note - given the difficulties encountered by students in previous years i am not asking you to include a detailed schedule or detailed estimate.

the paper should be submitted no later than friday, october 27th, 2014.
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