promissory estoppel, consideration & bonuses

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jennifer worked in an air conditioner factory making commando 8 units. he averaged three units per hour. her boss, rebecca – the factory owner, was impressed one day when he completed five air conditioners per hour. on august 1, 2012, she met with jennifer in her office and said, “jennifer, since you worked so hard yesterday by averaging five per hour, i’m going to give you a $300 bonus in your next paycheck. also, if you can produce six per hour in one day, i’ll give you a $500 bonus.” jennifer smiled at rebecca. on august 8, 2012, jennifer averaged six units per hour for that day. on august 3, 2012, jennifer, expecting to see a bonus in her paycheck, bought three non-returnable cabana suits from rudy’s antique boutique. it is now october 9, 2012, and jennifer has received neither bonus. find all legal issues & advise jennifer about enforcing: a. the $300 bonus b. the $500 bonus
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