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i want someone to write for me a professional promotion letter request for my manager to request a grade upgrade.
also, i got my mba which equal one year of working as per my companies law.
my last prmotion was on july 2013, and in my company i have rights to request a grade promotion if i complete two years, and i finish one year till july 2014 and the other year is getting mba as i mentioned above. which equal 2 years.
my acheivement since july 2013 are below:
1. deduction salary based on absents.
2. deduction salary
4.grant management rfp
5.position master control
6. revenue management system
7. mucellous ar
8. upload housing documents
9. visit sap in ireland feb 2014 for mobility project.
10. participated in gitex 2013
11. participated in gulf technology excipition
12. online payment gateway
13. manage time and attendance project
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