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i was in nyc in 4th of july and the policemen were as much as the people there. however, believe it or not they were not doing their job as they have to do. people were not inspected as it should be. policeman looks at my purse from long distance, i also had been seated in a very close place to the view of the fire work where i’m not allowed to be there  simple there was no control.. wondering why security procedures are taken a place after the violence happened and not before! bombing in the marathon of boston just happened and nothing yet has been change regarding to safety police. i wish you could see immigration guys (or customs guys, i’m really not sure who they are exactly) me while i’m coming back from canada to buffalo, they surrounded my car asking me to stepped out and turning my cell phone of (in aggressive way) they also impound my delicious asian basket fruit. the inspection was horrible and unforgettable.
my point is that government is in charge of preventing violence. it can stop it whenever it wants. otherwise, how could a 13 years old boy carry a gun?
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