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description of task:
● a proposal argument
o identifies and defines the problem
o proposes and demonstrates a feasible solution
o convinces readers that the proposed solution is fair and will work
● makes an arguable claim
● considers multiple perspectives – anticipates and responds to likely objections
● adequately supports claims with relevant evidence and reasoning (sufficient, typical, adequate, relevant). questions and challenges a source’s credibility by examining the author’s credentials, assumptions, affiliations, and implications, all of which could be used in the paper’s discussion.

source(s) required:
● at least six (academic, credible, reliable) varied sources must be used with not more than two deriving from the internet.
● source information gained from the library databases is not considered internet sources.
○ information gained from reference sources such as an encyclopedia (e. g. or a dictionary will not count as acceptable source material.
● the more authoritative sources used, the more convincing the research looks; the fewer authoritative sources used, the less credible the research looks.
● sources can be in the form of journals, magazine articles, books, newspapers, government documents, etc.

audience: you are writing to a target audience with comparable knowledge regarding the topic. you should identify and demonstrate an awareness of the target audience based upon the topic selection. if you are struggling with identifying a target audience, you can consult chapter 16 in baker college composition.

format: 8-10 double-spaced pages, not including title page and reference page using apa format
project is due 8-1-2015
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