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i would like you to write proposal memo about dev-source organization their problem and solution. the dev-source is technology solution organization. at their organization they have to help costumer maintains their servers, system and network, also, backups data. their problem they have server room which need low temperature, also in the server room the have couple servers need maintenance and monitoring. the solution for this problem move their servers to be on cloud services which they can save time and money, also save energy and no more servers room. on the cloud service they can maintaining, monitoring, administrating,and backup data and so more for the system and network. with cloud service they can administrate customer network and system remotely at their work or home that help them to do fast service for the customer.

you can come up with more idea and information in same object. need 2- 3 pages due by wednesday 23 april. i have attach the instruction of the work and two samples how it should look.
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