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Project Description:

a one to two paragraph paper proposal accompanied by a bibliography that includes at least five sources.

your proposal for your final paper should contain four key components:

1. the two artworks you will be discussing in your paper with images embedded.

2. a paragraph or two explaining the argument of your paper. you should treat these paragraphs as a potential introduction to your final paper. it should be clear from your proposal what artworks you’ve chosen to write about. this summary must include:

3. a thesis statement. a thesis statement presents your original argument or idea about the two works of art, based on what you have observed about the artwork and learned in your preliminary research. this thesis statement will form the foundation of your final paper.

example of poor theses:
- “an evaluation of this artwork will demonstrate the style of the artist.”
- “an evaluation of bernini’s david will reveal that bernini was the greatest artist of all time.”

example of a good thesis:
- “an evaluation of bernini’s david will reveal how its drama, sense of movement, and classicizing elements are characteristic of the baroque style.”

4. a bibliography. a good research paper requires good sources. your bibliography should have at least five sources, including books and scholarly articles.

the books you choose should ideally have been published in the last few decades. “scholarly articles” include entries found through the library databases (jstor, academic onefile, proquest, etc.). articles from newspapers and popular magazines, like the new york times, do not count as scholarly sources. your grade for this task will be partially based on the quality and relevance of the sources you have selected, so choose wisely!

while selecting sources you should be able to answer the following: what is the central argument of the text? what part(s) of the text may be applicable or useful for your final paper?

for more information about correct bibliographic citation, see: turabian, kate l. manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations. chicago: university of chicago press, 2007. [unh library reference - entry level stacks, lb2369 .t8 2007]

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should contain 5 sources
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