Project Description:

project overview
(needs to be finished by sunday midnight)

obtain a financial prospectus (annual 10-k or quarterly 8-k) from a publicly-traded company. evaluate this company’s financial performance.

refer to the course schedule within the syllabus for specific project deliverables and due dates.


part i - paper

write a 2- to 3-page paper in apa format, double spaced, in 12-point font and with a 1" margin evaluating the prospectus. please make sure to properly cite all sources. include the following:

•describe the basics of investment theory as an introduction to your review of the prospectus for the company you selected.

company profile
•indicate which company you have chosen to use and provide the url to where you found that company's financial statements.
•provide background information on the company.
•discuss the industry it competes in.

fundamentals of financial management
•review one of the following:
◦balance sheet
◦income statement
◦investment strategy

•discuss the company’s ability to manage its finances based on this review. provide suggestions for improvement.
•identify, calculate and interpret two (2) key financial ratios for this company.
•compare this company’s financial ratios to another company in the same industry.

•reflect on the dynamics of financial markets and the consequences this has on the business environment. additionally, be sure to address how this task will help prepare you for your chosen profession.

part ii - powerpoint presentation

create a 5-slide powerpoint presentation summarizing the information in your paper. be sure to present and articulate a clear explanation of the key financial ratios.
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