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read the following examples and indicate whether they are describing sensation or perception. if the example describes sensation, list which sense is involved. if the example describes perception, list the concept or principle of perception that is involved.

1. i think i see bob approaching me from a distance, but as the man gets closer to me, i realize it isn’t bob. __________________
2. while studying for a test at the library, i hear other people talking and laughing; however, i am able to block out the noise and concentrate on reading my textbook. ____________________
3. my math teacher draws a triangle on the board, and even thought she uses dotted lines, i am still able to see the shape of the triangle. _________________
4. i am walking down the street and i see two people walking together, but to my surprise, they walk off in different directions without acknowledging that the other person is leaving. __________________
5. when i look at a white piece of paper, i can still recognize it as white whether i am outside in bright sunlight, or sitting in a dark room. ____________________
6. i notice that the light is on in the living room. _____________________
7. music is playing in the elevator. ________________
8. i notice that my mom is baking bread as i walk into the house to greet her. _________________
9. when i wash my hands at school, i notice that the water feels hot. _____________________
10. when i had an infected tooth extracted, i experienced pressure as the tooth separated from the gums. ___________________
11. i am able to type this sentence without looking at the keyboard on my computer. _____________
12. i experience motion sickness whenever i ride in a boat. ___________________


read the following scenarios.

write a 100- to 150-word response to the following questions associated with each scenario.

1. a psychologist is interested in learning more about how children interact with each other during the school day. the psychologist is particularly interested in discovering the ways in which children behave when they do not think they are being watched. what research method would be best used to conduct this type of research, and why? what ethical concerns might be an issue in this type of research?

2. as a researcher, i am interested in learning whether or not there is a connection between sleep and test scores. i want to know if an increase in sleep improves test scores, for example. what type of research method would i use, and why? what ethical concerns might present an issue when conducting this type of research?

3. if i want to research whether or not a new medication has an effect on depression, and i want to compare the medication against a placebo, what research method might i use, and why? what ethical concerns might be an issue in this type of research?
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