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bellevue : inside out (reaction paper)
you will have to write a 1 to 1.5 page (250-400 word) reaction/critique of the documentary bellevue inside/out. in your response, you should discuss the following questions/issues. the extra credit is worth up to 10 extra credit points. the task will be graded on a 3 point scale. 0=student did not adequately answer questions or response was short; 1=student provided a short response but could have provided more detail or thoughtful response; 2=student adequately answered all three items with detailed and thoughtful response.

grading scale

0=0 extra credit points

1=5 extra credit points

2=10 extra credit points

1.the conditions of the facility

2.the patients being treated

3.the medical/mental health providers.

4. is this your expectation of a psychiatric facility?

we have time 12h to 18 from now
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try your best as always i need 100% :))

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