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short answer discussion question: a society that celebrates academic achievement and high intelligence, why do so many parents of children with down syndrome come to see their children as particularly special, as unique 'gifts'? what can we learn about intelligence from both these parents and current down syndrome research? it possible to develop creativity, or is it something with which a person is born? if it can be developed, how might you encourage creativity in school-children or in yourself?

3.what does the research tell us about gender differences in intelligence?

4.discuss the relationship between men, women and the expression of emotions.

5.emotional intelligence and "eq" have become popular "buzz" words in the past few years. why do you think emotional intelligence is thought to be important? how is it important? is it innate? do you learn it as a child? can you learn (or raise) it as an adult? how would that be done?

6.what are genetic disorders? briefly discuss.

7.what is phantom limb pain and how is it explained and treated?

8.what is brain plasticity and what is its significance throughout the lifespan?

9.what is congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (cipa)? briefly discuss.

i want as many reference as possible, the length of the answers depend on whether the question is satisfied or not, in general there's no word limit.
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