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i am in need of help with a project. i have attached the download for part 2. if you can do both tasks please respond. please only respond if you are very good in this area. below is the project. thank you

project overview

for this task, you will define criteria for assessment of a purchase order agreement. then, you will assess one. this will either be the purchase order agreement included with this task or a different agreement provided by your instructor.


you have two deliverables for this task:

part 1: purchase order assessment criteria
•using your textbook and what you have learned in class, develop a list of a minimum of ten criteria required for a complete purchase order agreement. explain why each of the criteria is important.
•submit part 1 to your instructor. your instructor will grade it and then return it to you with feedback to use when you complete part 2.

part 2: assessment of the purchase order agreement
•use the list of criteria you defined in part 1 to assess the purchase order agreement you have been assigned. provide specific details as to whether or not the agreement meets the criteria.
• download the sample po agreement.
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