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pareto diagram

exercise 1:

the general manager of quality department, proton berhad wants to improve the quality of painting work of proton cars. he decided to analyze the paint work processes to find out how he can reduce the amount of work that the painting department had to redo due to defects. below are the type and frequency of defects of the painting work:

type of defect freq.
cracks 25
chips 76
scratches 90
uneven surface 9
rough surface 6
other 8

draw the pareto diagram of the defects before and after improvement of 30% of the major defect.

exercise 1:

create a pareto diagram based on the information in the table below.. first, create a spreadsheet in excel, using the data in the table below. list the most frequent customer problem first. add a column called “cumulative%.” then enter formulas to calculate those items. next, use the excel chart wizard to create a pareto diagram based on the data. use the line- column on 2 axis custom type chart so your resulting chart looks similar to the one in figure 8-1.

customer complaints frequency / week
service rep cannot answer customer's questions 120
customer is on hold too long 90
service rep does not follow through as promised 40
customer gets transferred to wrong area or cut off 20
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