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you have a disk enclosure that can hold up to 12 scsi disks and a controller that supports raid configuration levels 0 through 6. the controller and cabinet also support use of a hot spare disk. each scsi disk can support 600 gigabytes of storage. you need a raid configuration that supports the following requirements:
• store a minimum of 2 terabytes of data.
• be able to lose one of the disks in the array without any loss of data or interruption of service.
• spread parity data across multiple disks.
• a hot spare disk in the event that a disk is lost.
describe the smallest raid configuration you could use to support these requirements. justify your reasoning behind the number of required disks and the raid level that you selected. be sure to discuss how your configuration meets each of the above requirements. also discuss exactly what would happen in the event that a disk is lost, including any impact on end users.
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