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i responded to your email and i need you to look over the questions you completed for me , my professor made the following comment :
from my professor -i have sent this back with a temporary grade of zero and asking that you re-do it.
as you can see, turnitin indicates that 78% of this material has been plagiarized/copied from internet sources. it is important to do this task in your own words. where you do quote other sources, those quotes should be minimal and always credited in your paper. apart from the fact that 31% of this has been copied from papers turned in by students at other institutions, please be aware that wikipedia (and all encyclopedias) are not appropriate sources for college-level work. please try again, staying away from wikipedia and other students' papers. i urge you to use your textbook and the lirn database as instructed in the task.
please resubmit no later than 11:00 p.m. pdt tuesday, october 23.
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