questions in "nachman of los angeles" article

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here are the take-home questions based on the story "nachman from los angeles." you will need to look up most of the answers to these questions. after you have answered the questions, at the end of your paper, list the resources you used to find the answers to these questions.

the quiz is due by tuesday, sept. 29th. upload it into the grades section. don't worry if the cloud says it is plagiarized. it will look that way because you are using resources.

questions inspired by “nachman from los angeles”

what is metaphysics ?
what kinds of questions do metaphysicians try to answer?
who is bergson ?
what are some topics that bergson is famous for?
who is galois?
what is galois famous for?
who is zeno?
name an idea that zeno is famous for?
what is academic honesty?
what is plagiarism?
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