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35. a defendant is believed by many to be guilty of child molestation because the media has

been reporting stories from neighbors who have seen the defendant hanging out outside

of a public school even though he has no children. this evidence helps to establish which

of the following prejudicial publicity forms?

a. factual information

b. emotional information

c. both a and b

d. neither a or b

36. which judicial strategy for dealing with pretrial publicity directly conflicts with the first


a. shield strategies

b. sunshine strategies

c. reactive strategies

d. proactive strategies

37. which of the following is not a reactive strategy for dealing with pretrial publicity?

a. restrictive and protective orders

b. the sequestering of jurors

c. the granting of trial continuances

d. the expansion of jury selection

38. which type of strategy is more effective for dealing with pretrial publicity?

a. proactive strategies

b. reactive strategies

c. both proactive and reactive strategies are equally effective

d. neither proactive nor reactive strategies are ever effective

39. which of the following does not benefit the media in their pursuit to access government

information and to guard their own information?

a. the freedom of information act (1966)

b. the privacy act (1974)

c. shield laws

d. the sunshine act (1976)

39. which of the following exemplifies how infotainment has worked its way into court


a. attorneys use entertainment narratives to construct reality and as building blocks

for their cases

b. visual representations in the courtroom often include entertainment video clips

c. real world attorneys often use tactics used by their media counterparts

d. none of the above

40. the public’s perception of courts is in no way influenced by media portraits and


41. the courts are distorted indirectly through the media, which presents the judicial system

as soft on crime, easy on criminals, and due process-laden institutions.

42. when lawyers in the media are not being portrayed as crime fighters they can expect to

be portrayed negatively.

43. media trials have become the most important single contributor to the social construction

of the courts in america.

44. although televised coverage of trials has become increasingly popular over the years,

there are still some states which forbid cameras in the court room.

45. one unresolved issue of television coverage of trials is the effect the coverage has on

victims reporting crimes, particularly victims of rape.

46. a defendant’s personality and character helps to establish factual information about them

in regards to their innocence or guilt.

47. jurors can be exposed to extensive media content regarding a case and still be considered


48. a judicial contempt-of-court ruling, which deters and punishes those who ignore judicial

order regarding media publicity, is the ultimate reactive judicial remedy for media


49. journalists/reporters feel that their rights are well-protected by shield laws, which protect

them from forced divulging of information.

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