quoting, phrasing, summary and essay

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1.after choosing an article, pick a passage from the article. following the guidelines outlined in elements of argument, a pocket style manual, and the purdue owl, quote the passage. then, provide a paraphrase of the passage and a summary of the article in your own words.
quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing activity

for this task, you needed to include three separate activities: a quotation; a paraphrase; and a summary. however, since this appears to be an essay, i cannot distinguish yours

(this is what i chose from the passge article: the morning after pill a boon for women by deborah nucatola)

that's why when a woman fears she might become pregnant after her contraceptive has failed or she has had unprotected sex, she needs fast access to emergency contraception, not delays at the pharmacy counter. lifting these restrictions will allow emergency contraception to be stocked on store shelves, making it more accessible to everyone. it will provide a safe, effective way to prevent pregnancy and reduce the need for abortion.

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paper #2 peer review discussion forum
(the morning-after pill a boon for women)
compose an argumentative essay that agrees with an argument made in one of the essays located in the chapters we have covered thus far (chapters 1, 2, 5, 8, 9). your essay should have:
* an introduction that contains a clear thesis
* 3 body paragraphs with specific topic sentences
* a conclusion that restates your thesis and satisfactorily concludes your essay
before beginning your essay, please review the directions for paper #2 in week 4 of the course.

for this thread, post at least 300 words of your draft of essay #2 here.
work citied

for this task you will write a minimum of four paragraphs naming at least 3 statuses that you currently hold. then, name at least 3 roles associated with each of those statuses. explain which of these statuses are ascribed and achieved. explain an example of role conflict and role strain that are associated with the roles you perform. use all of these terms appropriately for full credit.


a status is simply a rank or position that one holds in a group. one occupies the status of son or daughter, playmate, pupil, radical, militant and so on. eventually one occupies the statuses of husband, mother bread-winner, cricket fan, and so on, one has as many statuses as there are groups of which one is a member. for analytical purposes, statuses are divided into two basic types:
 ascribed and
 achieved.
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