r.i.m.’s blackberry and apple’s iphone: the face-off in the busi

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r.i.m.’s blackberry and apple’s iphone: the face-off in the business market research in motion ltd. (r.i.m.), the maker of the blackberry, is the north american leader in building smartphones, the versatile handsets that operate more like computers than phones. once the exclusive domain of e-mail–obsessed professionals and managers across the business market, smartphones are now prized by consumers who want easy access to the web and digital music and video even more than a mobile connection to their e-mail inbox. the iphone introduction shifted the contours of the smartphone market toward consumers. an industry once dominated by technical discussions about enterprise security is now dominated by buzz around video games, sleek handset design, and mobile social networks. “that means that r.i.m., which has historically viewed big corporations and wireless carriers as its bedrock customers, needs to alter its dna in a hurry” in order to retain its leadership position. in the first quarter of 2008, r.i.m. held 45 percent of the u.s. market for smartphones, compared with a nearly 20 percent share for apple. 44 the breakdown in sales indicates that blackberry dominates the corporate market and apple’s iphone is strong in the consumer market. discussion questions1. suggest possible strategies that apple might follow to strengthen the position of the iphone in the business market. in turn, what strategies could r.i.m. follow to strengthen the performance of the blackberry brand in the consumer market?2. in your view, which brand will win the battle in the business market? in the consumer market?
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