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in an excel spreadsheet, detail the returns on 5 selected stocks that you will use as a basis for creating wealth required to support your personal financial initiatives. select 5 key stocks and determine their expected return from finance.yahoo.com. presume you would invest 20% equally in these stocks and average the return. calculate how much you would have to deposite each year until retirement to fund all of your initiatives assuming the rate of return on these equities is consistant. describe your rationale for selecting the stocks in your portfolio, including your own risk tolerance and any considerations for diversificiation.
complete a calculation on the annual amount required to support any gap etween your present wealth and your future needs, using the return derived from your portfolios as the realized return. this amount will be represented by an annual annuity funded by your savings drawn from your present income; assume that salary increases will be exactly offset by inflation and thus, your present salary will be static.

assuming that someone makes $40,000 per year and wants to retire in 39 years at age 65 with 2million.
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