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the answers do not need to be longer than 2-3 paragraphs. i will pay $20 firm. due by 02/13 @ 9 am est. please make sure to read instructions thoroughly.

1) analyze the reasons why the short-term project that you have chosen might be ranked higher under the npv criterion if the cost of capital is high, while the long-term project might be deemed better if the cost of capital is low. determine whether or not changes in the cost of capital could ever cause a change in the internal rate of return (irr) ranking of two (2). please use this source of information: use the internet to research two (2) mutually exclusive investment projects to compare. the projects may involve any kind of investment, as long as the time frame for one (1) of the investments is a maximum of one (1) year (short term) and the time frame for the other investment is five (5) years minimum (long term). **do not use investopedia or wikipedia and let me know where you cite from.
2) from the scenario, take a position for or against tfc’s decision to expand to the west coast. provide a rationale for your response in which you cite at least two (2) capital budgeting techniques (e.g., npv, irr, payback period, etc.) that you used to arrive at your decision. **please use the attached scenario to answer question 2. if you use other sources, please let me know where you are citing from. no investopedia or wikipedia.
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