re: court system

Project Description:

find and watch a video, or find a synopsis, a summary, or an overview of a major criminal court proceeding. look for elements and components of the court system.

use the following sample links to state, municipal, and local justice courts as examples of appropriate websites:

u.s. courts: the federal judiciary (
california courts: the judicial branch of california (
phoenix municipal court (
oregon blue book: justice courts (

write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper or create a 12 to 20 slide powerpoint presentation describing and evaluating the roles of those in the judicial system. answer the following questions in your paper or presentation:

provide an introduction
what is a courtroom work group? how does this courtroom work group interact on a daily basis? what changes to the courtroom work group would you recommend?
what is the role of the prosecutor? what is the role of the defense attorney? how are the ethical obligations different for a prosecutor and a defense attorney?
discuss plea bargaining. what is it? how is it used? could our court system run if plea bargaining did not exist? provide some examples of real cases that were plea bargained, versus those that went to trial.
provide a conclusion

format your paper consistent with apa guidelines.
due date 01/07/2015
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