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Project Description:

presentation #2 – product design (5% of final grade)

this 10-minute presentation should describe thoroughly: your target market/s (as a starting point), 4 levels of your products/services, reference to the product life cycle model in developing or improving products, reference to relevant aspects of the micro and macro environment. some key concepts to remember are:

​core products, facilitating products, supporting products, augmented products
​product life cycle model
​micro environment (suppliers, marketing intermediaries, publics)
​macro environment (technology, laws & regulations, etc.)
** see evaluation rubric for details **

target market/s select only what is applicable to your company. summarise in your presentation and expand in your final marketing plan.
o what level of products/services will you offer? demonstrate why!
• core products
• facilitating products
• supporting products
• augmented products

o will you develop new products/services or improve existing ones, or a combination of both? demonstrate why!
• refer to the product life cycle model
• if you are deleting any products, what strategy will you choose and why? (phase-out, run-out, or immediate drop)

o briefly address your micro-environment (as relevant)
• your suppliers
• marketing intermediaries
• different publics

o briefly address your macro-environment (as relevant)
• economic environment
• natural environment
• technological environment
• political/legal environment

note: the target market are the asians coming to niagara region
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