re: the 1986 space shuttle challenger catastrophy

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on january 28, 1986, the space shuttle challenger suffered a catastrophic failure 73 seconds into flight. a technical failure was the immediate cause of the accident, but many factors lead up to that technical failure, and the accident could have been prevented if decisions had been made differently prior to launch. your task for this paper is to write a 5 - 6 page paper in current apa format that contains the following elements:
• introduction/overview: describe the motivation for the paper, clearly state the research you are conducting, and identify your reasons for choosing the particular papers you chose.
• summarize the technical failure.
• identify some of the cultural differences that competed for decision-making authority prior to launch (i.e. technical, management, political) and their ethical implications.
• propose both a trust-building exercise and a conflict resolution approach that might have prevented the accident.
submit your task. review the research paper rubric for more information about expectations for this task.
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