read the solicited proposal in figure 14.7. (1) analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this document and (2) revise the document so that it follows this chapter’s guidelines.

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chapter 1 your boss has asked you to prepare a feasibility report to determine whether the company should advertise its custom-crafted cabinetry in the weekly neighborhood newspaper. based on your primary research, you think they should. as you draft the introduction to your report, however, you discover that the survey administered to the neighborhood newspaper subscribers was flawed. several of the questions were poorly written recommendation. the report is due in three days. what actions might you want to take, if any, before you complete you reports? message strategies: informational reports [lo-2] you are writing an analytical report on the u.s. sales of your newest product. of the following topics, identify where in the report each element should be included - the introduction, body, or close. briefly explain your decisions.
a. regional breakdowns of sales across the country
b. date the product was released in the marketplace
c. sales figures from competitors selling similar products worldwide
d. predictions of how the struggling u.s. economy will affect sales over the next six months
e. the method used for obtaining the preceding predictions
f. the impact of similar products being sold in the united states by japanese competitors
g. your recommendation about whether the company should sell this product internationally
h. actions that must be completed by year end if the company decides to sell this product internationally
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