reading analysis

Project Description:

after completing the assigned readings on how to read a play, play to film adaptation, and no exit, compose at least a 2-page, double-spaced response about your interpretation of the readings and the play.

here are some questions to consider:

how did the readings and/or the play make you feel? what stood out to you about them? what was the main point of each? what were some memorable lines from the play or other readings? in no exit, were there any significant events or themes that made you think about experiences you've had? was reading a play more or less difficult than you imagined (if you've never read one before)? what can these selections tell us about the difficulties of the human experience? in your experience, what is the biggest difference between reading a play and seeing? what were your biggest challenges with reading no exit, if any? did you like it more or less than reading a short story?

bring a draft, copy, summary, or notes of your response to class, as it will be used during discussion. additionally, everyone should have at least one question or comment about the story to contribute to discussion.

analyze the material do not summarize
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