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i have a reading response that is due on september 24th. it is for a healthcare management course i am taking. i am attaching the article that is to be read for the case study reading response. here are the guidelines:
paragraph 1: provide a brief summary of the article.

paragraph 2: identify and describe major ethical dilemma that appear in the article-including who is affected by the issue and how.

paragraph 3: • what are the ethical issues that appear in the article which are representative of the 4 ethical principles – give a specific example from the article for each ethical principle you identify of how it is represented in the article. using your own words include a description of what the ethical principles are, using examples explain how it is presented in the article.

paragraph 4: making reference to the issue you have identified suggest a reform of the current policy. what do you think should happen next and on what moral grounds? what should the policy be in this case?

next list:
– recommendation "fixes“to the policy issue
– how is the ethical issue taken into account in your recommended policy?

***your paper must be spell- and grammar-checked and carefully proofread before it is submitted. a few common grammatical errors: do not use contractions, e.g., doesn't, for formal writing. do not end a sentence with a preposition, e.g., to, for.
the narrative of your paper needs to be paginated, i.e., have page numbers. your answers should be typed (double spaced at about 275 words per page, 1 inch margins on top, bottom, and sides, and in 12pt. font, times new roman.
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