reading response: "hands" by sherwood anderson

Project Description:

review the excerpts on formalism, close reading, and literary elements that were assigned last week. after reviewing those and reading the short story "hands" by sherwood anderson (bb), compose at least a 2-page, double-spaced response about your interpretation of the story.

here are some questions to consider:

how did it make you feel? what stood out to you about it? what was the main point? is this a story you could imagine being adapted into a play or movie? what were some memorable lines from the story? can you tie in any of the previous week's readings to the story?

additionally, come up with at least one question or comment about the story to contribute to discussion.

2 double-spaced pages in length. in mla format typed doubled-spaced 1” margins 12-point type (font size) times new roman in accordance with mla rules for in-text citations and works cited documentation.
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