reading response: intro to formalism, close reading, adaptation, and literary elements

Project Description:

after completing the assigned readings on formalism, close reading, adaptation, and the various literary elements, consider whether or not you've encountered any of these concepts before, either in an academic setting or elsewhere. if so, what is your experience using these concepts? if not, have you experienced anything that seems related? how do you think these concepts will figure in to future experiences with literature? is there anything that seems unclear about these terms or concepts? do you think that close reading and formalism are related?

please note: you do not have to answer all of these questions; they are meant to assist in your response to the assigned readings. generally, the response should show your engagement with the readings as well as address any information that you find particularly interesting. you can focus on one or more of the readings in your response; it is up to you.

the response should be in the correct format (noted in the syllabus), and should be at least 2 double-spaced pages in length.

in mla format
1” margins
12-point type (font size)
times new roman
in accordance with mla rules for in-text citations and works cited documentation.
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