reading response othello

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reading response: othello

after completing the assigned reading (othello), compose at least a 2-page, double-spaced response about your interpretation of the play. (note: please make sure you meet the length requirement. do not include the prompt in your response; additionally, your heading information does not count toward the response length.)

here are some questions to consider:

how did this play make you feel? what stood out to you? what was the main point? what were some memorable lines? were there any significant events or themes that made you think about experiences you've had? what imagery or figures from the play held particular significance? who was the protagonist? antagonist? what insight does this play offer us to the human condition? do these readings offer commentary about how people treat one another? if so, how? can a specific theoretical perspective be applied to the play? was this play easier or harder to read and understand compared to the others we've read this semester? have you read other shakespearean works? if so, how did this play compare to other works you've read? give specific examples to support your thoughts.

bring a draft, copy, summary, or notes of your response to class, as it will be used during discussion. additionally, everyone should have at least one question or comment about the story to contribute to discussion
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