real time event

Project Description:

read the course syllabus found by clicking the syllabus link.

examine one real-world event or recent news story from the last 12 months that you believe demonstrates the topics covered in this course. predict how this event ties to the new learning in the course.

formulate an opinion and defend your position about how this real-world event or news story applies to the upcoming course content providing at least three examples of why you believe the event connects to the topics of this course. you will submit your answer by posting a response in the discussion forum.

analyze what other students have submitted and engage in a discussion to appreciate the opinions of others and gain a broader perspective of the new learning in this course. discussions help to refine your position and answer, as you begin to think critically about the course, topics and goals. you are expected to spend roughly three hours, creating your first post, reading posts others have written, and responding to others in the class
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