real vs artificial

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real versus artificial

in this task, you will discern the differences between artificial intelligence and natural human intelligence. is it prejudicial to think of humanity as superior? could creators ever become inferior to their creations?

procedure a substantive, well-written, and researched forum post, discuss the fine line that separates artificially intelligent machines from humans. when could that line become blurred and what might be the results?
2.substantiate your argument with properly apa-formatted citations from appropriate literature.

suggested readings:

allen, f. e. (2001). the myth of artificial intelligence. american heritage, 52(1), 28. [jones e-global library®].

boden, m. a., (2001). the age of intelligent machines: the social impact of artificial intelligence. kurzweil ai network. [web]

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khalil, l. (2011). ibm's watson computer and the future of artificial intelligence. kqed quest. [web]

mccarthy, j. (2007). what is artificial intelligence? stanford, ca: stanford university. [web]
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