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software skills: web browser and presentation software
business skills: disaster recovery planning

management is concerned that dirt bikes’s computer systems could be vulnerable to power outages, vandalism, computer viruses, natural disasters, or telecommunications disruptions. you have been asked to perform an analysis of system vulnerabilities and disaster recovery planning for the company. your report should answer the following questions:

• what are the most likely threats to the continued operation of dirt bikes’s systems?

• what would you identify as dirt bikes’s most critical systems? what is the impact on the company if these systems cannot operate? how long could the company survive if these systems were down? which systems are the most important to back up and restore in the event of a disaster?

• use the web to locate two disaster recovery services that could be used by a small business such as dirt bikes. compare them in terms of the services they offer. which should dirt bikes use? exactly how could these services help dirt bikes recover from a disaster?

software skills: web browser and presentation software
business skills: locating and evaluating suppliers

in this project you’ll use the web to identify the best suppliers for one component of a dirt bike and appropriate supply chain management software for a small manufacturing company.

a growing number of dirt bikes orders cannot be fulfilled on time because of delays in obtaining some important components and parts for its motorcycles, especially their fuel tanks. complaints are mounting from distributors who fear losing sales if the dirt bikes they have ordered are delayed too long. dirt bikes’s management has asked you to help it address some of its supply chain issues.

• use the internet to locate alternative suppliers for motorcycle fuel tanks. identify two or three suppliers. find out the amount of time and cost to ship a fuel tank (weighing about five pounds) by ground (surface delivery) from each supplier to dirt bikes in carbondale, colorado. which supplier is most likely to take the shortest amount of time and cost the least to ship the fuel tanks?

• dirt bikes’s management would like to know if there is any supply chain management software for a small business that would be appropriate for dirt bikes. use the internet to locate two supply chain management software providers for companies such as dirt bikes. briefly describe the capabilities of the two software applications and indicate how they could help dirt bikes. which supply chain management software product would be more appropriate for dirt bikes? why?
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