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- the length of the paper should be about 1,000 words, typed double-spaced, using 12 pt times roman font with 1” margins on every side.

- your reflection paper will analyze the readings in a personal way, and touch on both positive and negative aspects. for instance, students writing a reflection essay on works they have read are not going to simply provide a summary of the writing. instead, they might write
• what they learned while reading the essay,
• how this information altered their existing viewpoints,
• how they can relate it to their life in some way.

your reflective essay task is to reflect on the readings so far –
• plato’s “allegory of the cave”;
• “can she snap”;
• “letter from birmingham jail,”
and reflect on what you learned from one or more of those essays.

also in your reflection be sure to include the essays’ connection to plato’s concept of the cave, which is the underlying theme of this fys course.

students should include quotes, facts and evidence from the readings to support their reflection points, especially those parts that
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