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paper is about an interesting story from history, your own life, or current events in which everyday illusions played an important role. (look for invisible gorillas, or illusions of confidence, or illusions of knowledge, or illusions of memory. for example: what illusion caused humpty dumpty to fall off the wall and break? the illusion of knowledge that caused him to think he was unbreakable. (please don’t use nursery rhymes. this is just an example to demonstrate.) another example might be an incident that brought down the career of a promising politician. for example, eliot spitzer, the ex-governor of new york or the revelation of ted kennedy’s infidelities that forced him to give up plans to run for president. what illusions did both those candidate’s suffer from? you might use your own life as an example of illusions that caused problems with either yourself or family members. the point of this reflection paper is to show that this book, the invisible gorilla, made you more aware of ways people fool themselves into a confidence that is unsupported by reality.
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