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project description:

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anyone who can improve the life of those around him is a leader. similarly, anyone who can serve people and make them happy is a leader…all people are born with the seeds of such qualities, which they can nurture and grow, so that bit by bit, they advance on the path to leadership and ultimately evolve into great leaders.
describe in detail a time in which you improved life of those around, served people, created positive change, excelled at a talent, craft or profession. explain what that has to do with leadership and how it has helped you develop your character as a leader.
reflection writing 2
"competition is central to every aspect of our life."
describe in detail a time you won some competition (even with a friend or a sibling). explain how it made you feel. describe the link between winning and motivation.
reflection writing 3
there is nothing more beautiful than to create joy in people's hearts. this is our aim in developing services, holding conferences and discovering the best government practices out there. we want to make people happy and we ask god to help us in our quest.
when any official puts his mind to this purpose, his days, his decisions, his projects and even his interactions with people will change completely. even his self-satisfaction will improve a great deal when he knows that he is contributing to the happiness of thousands of people.
describe a time when you gained self -satisfaction from benefiting someone else/serving others.
reflection writing 4
my recipe for success is continually to raise the bar whenever we reach our goals. it is right to feel proud of such achievements, but we may never feel satisfied. we must always aim higher in order to sustain our ambition and achieve excellence.
describe a time you set a goal higher than you thought you could achieve. explain the steps you took to achieve your goal. what was the outcome? what did you learn from the experience?
reflection writing 5
a fellow citizen asked me how i spend my day as a person, not as a leader. i replied that i lead a simple life. sheik mohammed's description illustrates a balanced life with a variety of forms of communication.
describe your methods for keeping a balanced life. or describe the different types of communication in your personal life. explain how this helps you personally.
every reflection topic must be from 250 to 300 words
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